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Clinical Psychologist PhD 

Licensed Psychotherapist in Switzerland FSP
(Föderation der Schweizer Psychologinnen und Psychologen)  

ZÜPP (Kant. Verband Zürcher PsychologInnen)

EABP (European Assoc. of Bodypsychotherapists)

Professional Experience: 

5 years in a psychiatric practice

1 ½ years in a psychiatric clinic

self-employed in private practice Zurich since 1982


(More qualifications you can see on the german page)


Qualified psychoanalyst, group analyst, as well as body and gestalt therapy

Advanced training in couples therapy :

Pragmatic Experential Method for Improving Relationships (Atkinson),

holotropic breath work,

Hakomi, POP (Mindell)

10 years ZEN training with Zen master Yamada Koun Roshi, Kamakura, Japan



Individual therapy, couples therapy, crisis-intervention, coaching, supervision, various groups, seminars



Positive regard for the whole person is important to me. To this end I tailor my work to meet the needs of each individual.  This includes special attention to autonomy and self-reliance as well as to building communication and relationship skills by accessing the individual’s own resources.

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